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NXE Fitness & Therapy is the go to place to help find balance in Fitness & Wellness

NXE Fitness & Therapy is the go to place to help find balance in fitness & wellness. We provide A unique bodywork experience customized to each individual. With a combination of Bio-electric/myofascial therapy / trigger point therapy, along with easy to do in home exercises we have created a way to make healthy living achievable to everyone from different walks of life.

Our purpose is to educate, influence well being
& more importantly
have fun doing so.


Sage comes from years of 1 on 1 Personal Training and Massage Therapy experience. This has equipped him with the ability to study and understand how well the body functions when muscle, joints, and nervous system work in sync with one another. Through compounding this knowledge with the teachings and experience of The Cortiva Institute of Colorado & N.A.S.M, He assesses the body through observing range of motion and the body’s natural posture to see what over-active muscles need to be relaxed and what under-active muscles need to be activated. By combining his background in Massage Therapy and Personal Training , Sage provides a massage service that is results based and goal driven. Helping each friend he comes across get that much closer to living & feeling as the best versions of themselves.


Vanessa discovered her passion for helping others at the age of 18 as only an assistant in a Massage Therapy clinic. After a few months of assisting, it wasn’t long until Vanessa decided to take on the title of a Massage Therapist herself. 11 years later Vanessa has continued to develop her passion &  managed to help thousands of people along the way. She has practiced many different modalities throughout the years but Pain Relief and Therapeutic massages have always been her main niche. With a combination of Myofascial Massage/Trigger Point Therapy & Bio electric Bodywork, Vanessa has been able to alleviate many individuals suffering from: Acute pain/ Chronic Pain/Headaches/ Migraines Neck pain/Back pain/Sprains/Strains/Digestive Issues/Sinus/ Sleep/Energy, & many other symptoms people may suffer from.
“There’s just something special about helping others achieve the health goals they've set out for themselves. And helping them feel good while doing so.” -Vanessa Mena LMT /Owner

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